Hough HA Payloader

I am looking for distributor parts for my Hough Payloader, it has Waukesha FC, there are not any tags on the entire machine except on the distributor which is a Delco Remy 625. I have had a dilly of a time trying to get a new cap, the tag on the distributor is just a 625, not a 625F like it says in the parts manual. I know they are different since when I cross referenced 625F they came up with a Cap I can get at Napa, but when I purchased the cap it is way to big, the numbers match but its about 1 inch to large, I can fit the old cap inside the new cap. I need to find a cap for a Delco Remy 625. I will post pictures when I get back to the farm.

Thank you for your comment,

I have a picture of what I have finally found out about my distributor. In the picture starting from the right without a box was the distributor the great folks at Stiener set me up with, supposed to be their remake of the 811735, the middle is an actual 811735 NOS I bought on eBay. Well both of them were too large for my distributor, but thankfully they will work on my Moline Tractors well. The last cap on the left is the right cap, Delco 1835536, I found this at a old car parts guy in Montana. This one fits and works well.

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