How in the world do you make nice rebales!?!


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Hey all,

I had three round bales get busted up during first crop while hauling them in. I decided to small square bale it. In hindsight, I shoulda just got the round baler back out. What a mess! The bales look terrible and all the good stuff is chaff under the baler. I wonder guys out there rebaling rounds into squares do it.
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My neighbor rolls out rd bales with a tractor operated 3pt unroller then sq bales them regularly throughout the Winter when weather permits. He sells his sq bales to horse owners & feed stores. He utlizes a JD 348 sq baler for his operation.
I have done it many times. you always lose a lot of the fines. it is still good hay just
with less fine leaves in it. If I unroll to do it I like to do it where I can let my sheep
or cows in to clean up the left overs. Just a couple broken bales and rebale them just do
the best I can and think about the trash left behind as fertilizer. Always makes me feel
better if I think on the positive side and the good of the bad instead of the bad of the

This is the aftermath. Terrible looking bales. I tightened the baler down more than I ever have, and they came out squishy and misshapened.


It has to do with the orientation of the stems when the hay goes into the baler. In the field in the windrow the stems go into the baler lengthways so it feeds evenly and is distributed across the bale chamber better. When we are baling loose hay it goes into the baler every which way, lengthways, crossways, angled and feeds into the bale chamber the same way. One side of the bale will pack in loose, then the other side will be loose. The hay stems just can't tie into each other properly. When a round bale is unrolled and re-baled with a square baler the stems are still arranged lengthwise like it was in the windrow.

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