Loader duty front tires. Is there such a thing?


I've got a 253 and I plan to put a loader on it. If I assume half the tractor weight is on the front end that's about 2100lbs, and add the estimated weight of the loader at 750lbs that's 2850. The load capacity of most 6.00-16 tires is around 1500lbs so X 2 and you get 3000lbs. So my loader is capable of lifting 150lbs before I hit the limit imposed by the tires. I've had other tractors with loaders and have always ignored this problem and have been fortunate to never have a blowout. I know the factory offers a variety of wheels, I currently have 4.5-16s. They also offer an 8-16 wheel and a similar width in a 15". Can you all steer me, no pun intended, down the right path to choosing the correct wheels and tires to alleviate this problem? Or should I do what I have always done and just ignore the math?

Your 4.5'' wide rims limit the proper fit of a wider tire. If you have room for a 5.5'' rim you could go to a 7.50-16 4 rib or an 8 0r 10 ply pickup tire, like a 225/75R16. You will need to watch the rim offset to avoid the sidewall hitting the axle knee.

Well I bought some 8-16 wheels and 9.00-16 tires with a 2900lb Rating so I'll be good to go.
Thanks for the input.


I have an 8N with a loader on it. It has what they call light truck tires on 16" rims on it.

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