M9540 4wd engagement


When I pull up on the handle to engage I can't feel it catch like it used to. The indicator light doesn't come on either. The best I can see it looks like the linkage is turning a shaft going into transmission case. Is this a common problem? Will the tractor have to be split to fix? Thanks in advance, Sam.
no it won’t have to be split the book tells you it has to but it does not
Undo you outer linkages and remove the keeper plate that holds your shifter into transmission
Drain all your oil
Remove shift cover and you will be able to see your 4wd shifter inside transmission end is probably wore off
Hammer it outwards as far as you can and rotate it
Then you can remove it from inside of transmission
Putting side cover back on can be a royal pain though
Update on my problem, I was using the tractor to use the fuel in it thinking the fuel tank would need to be removed. I happened to pull the 4wd lever and it engaged like normal. I tried it a few more times that day and it worked fine. l guess I was not doing something right. Anyway I am glad it is working and thanks for the reply.

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