Massey Ferguson 135 Z145 Continental 4 cylinder gas

[size=18:25d6728677][b:25d6728677] I just purchased a MF 135 with the 4 cylinder 145 Continental gas. I would like to have some input on this tractor and engine. I had an issue with oil pouring out the rear main seal like water out of a boot. i split the tractor and found the seal torn and took off the main and found that someone had put mains and rods in it, but the crankshaft was shot and would have to be turned .060 on the mains so my friend just gave me one he had turned to .030 for the price of turning mine. I went to take the studs out from under the flywheel and was trying to reinstall them but the double threaded studs 7/16 20 threads were not long enough to me to hold the heavy double clutch and flywheel. I measured the thicknes of the flywheel bolt area and found it to be about 1/2 inch thick, plus i gauged inside the crankshaft hole and found it to be 1.5 inches deep. I felt that i could buy some grade 8 7/16 20 thread bolts 1.75 long due to the thickness i had to take up on the flywheel but i was wrong. They bottomed onto the rear main and would not let the crankshaft turn. I ground them down to a little over 1 inch into the crank and that worked now being under the head of the bolt 1.5 inches Which was well enough to hold the torque and stong enough to hold the heavy flywheel and clutch. That was a problem and i should have bought the 1.5 inch bolts to begin with but could not find locally the grade 8 ones, only the 1.75 long ones. I now am considering adapting the oil filter but every one i find is like buying gold and it seems i cannot find the correct cartridge either for the cannister me measuring the cartride to be 4 5/8ths long and the ones i see on the internet are 4 5/16 long. Plus, there was not a spring at all inside the cartridge housing. I will have to McGuiveir that one. I did notice alslo and wondered what was or was not right on the main bearings with the tabs not fitting to each other in the mains. One tab on the bearing was opposite the other. All my life of building engines i know for a fact these bearings should have the tabs locking each other but not this Continental 4 cylinder i have. I would love to discuss with anyone on this engine and other things on the tractor if anyone wishes to ask or advise me i would greatly appreciate any help. I plan to keep my old Massey for a long time yet. [/size:25d6728677][/b:25d6728677]

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