MF 165 1968 Rear axle outer bearings

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Hi David! Hope all's well in Cymru! I have a question on MF165D Malleable Axle (not square) rear outer axle bearings. I've got the MF parts manual and the part number - looked up the part here on YT and it is showing an inner diameter of 2.265 but mine appear larger than that. I found one at a parts shop on your side of the pond that lists an ID of 3.25 and suitable for MF165. Doesn't, however, list an MF part number with it.

Do you know if there were different size outer rear axle bearings produced? My tractor is a U.S. built, 1968 MF 165D S/N 9A 48044 with live PTO, multipower, 39-spline rear axle, 3-pinion planetary diff; perkins AD4-203. PAVT rear wheels. We're doing a complete rebuild and remodel on her and I have the right side trupmpet off so I'll go back to the shop tomorrow to re-measure the bearing cup and fittings.

I just don't see any mention of different outer axle bearing sizes in the MF parts manual. Thought I'd reach out to you; you were supremely helpful to me in rebuilding her hydraulics a few years back.... I've got distant family in the Ystradginlais area :)

Thanks David! Dusty

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