Need help: Farmall M and Koyker Super K Loader

I am trying to fit a Koyker Super K loader to a 1949 Famall M.

I have tried to get it bolted up but the front mounts (above the front axle) are way to high. The whole thing needs to drop 6" or so.

I am curious if someone had good quality pictures of the front and rear mounting locations.

I am starting to wonder if mine was modified to fit something else....
Need some pictures to know. Look at the welds. Are they factory,or 'farmer' welds. Possible you are missing parts? Or the loader was from a different tractor?Do the rear mounts fit? Maybe you can easily make
a bracket of some sort?

I thought I had some when I posted but didn't. Going out to take a few now.

There were lots of farmer welds, which is totally why I am asking questions.

I have another Koyker Super K on a Case. Both loaders are slightly modified...
Hi,i had a Super K on my 806 for a couples of years, it fit right on it, the Super K is the quick attach right,sold it to my nephew and bought a WL42 Westendorf, they both fit right and looked level, sorry i don't have a picture for you !!!
Thanks for the replies.

My "new to me" Super K is absolutely not factory and has definitely been modified. I was really hoping to have bolt on situation with minor fabrication.

No such luck...

I am realizing quickly it will be a custom job to fab brackets and get everything where it needs to be and clear all front end components. Lots of measuring and testing.

What I really need to know is if anyone has this loader attached to an M with a stock front axle and tie rods on the front/top. I need to know what the minimum distance the vertical pillars can be from the rear axle and still clear this components. I want the loader mounted as far back as possible to minimize stress on the front axle.

I plan to use this setup as a backup round bale mover. I use 4x4.5 bales that are roughly 650lbs.

Thanks all.

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I have been in exactly the same situation. when I put a 'customized' quiktach JohnDeere 46 on my SuperM. And later on a 400. Set the loader up(bucket on the ground) so you can drive into it.Hang it from
another loader,a tree or..... Then you can see exactly where you need to be. Then get busy and measure and then mount.
Lucky I have my primary loader tractor to help in the process. Not alot of good trees here on the prairie to hang heavy stuff from.

I was hoping to have a baseline to start from but will just have to take it slow and piece it together...

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