Int. 404 need help with Loader Indentifcation?


Well I did get it runnig after it setting ??? years in the weeds ..I replaced the new water pump.and .I replaced radiator . found originl generator for it as someone put a car generator on it and thee pulleys and belt ws not right..close but not right so not its correct and its adjustable ...I had to split the tractor becasue soft plug behind flywheel came out and had to take the loader off to make it easier.. so now its runnig good again and clutch seems ok... and I cleaned up the loader and painted it before mounting it back on..
Oh yea I forgot I had power steering problems and finnaly got it going today as after adding 5 gallons of 20 weight hydraulic fluid it still would not work... I read every Thread on all the message boards I could find much help.. and also what the guys here told me but nothing helped and not very much info about the 404 power steering fixes for that proplem...,, so then I removed the pressue line coming out of the front mounted pump and looked down in the pump and NO trace of any Hydraulic oil? So I followed the supply line back and found out that the manufactures actually had the supply line on a incline routed up to bottom of gas tank then heads back down to the outlet under the seat of the suppy ... so I was not getting any oil to the pump and it would not suck the oil up hill ..I read where a guys said his dad had a TEE in the supply line and did not now why it was there ... so I know why as its because once it looses its prime you sort of screwed...he probably had a way to pump oil in the supply line using that TEE as if the tractor was sitting for a long time and it lost is prime you coulfd fill the limne So I did notwnt to go thru mking thst fitting upsnd all... so .finally I put 2 jacks under the rear axles and started jacking it up with the filler plug off and then I it got hight enough that I heard the the gurgling sound of the air bubbles coming up and the oil wss filling the line up.... so then I started it up with the pressue line cracked loose on the top of the pump started the motor up and and it started spraying out ..then as it was running I tightenedthe pressure line up and its working good
and I worked steering wheel back and forth and its working ok now ...It was a really dumb idea of them to run the supply line up higher than the pump and suppy... but back to the loader ..well it came with the tractor and at first I thought it might be a wagnor round tube oader but it does fit correct and has factory front brackets so I was wondering if anyone knows about this loader. I have a picture of one of the lift cylinders and the number is an IH number # 652090 R1 both of my cylinders are scratched enough that they might leak so would this help identify what International loader this is ? .It has IH stamped on the clyinders ..can it be identified by using the cylinder numbers?



First the system should not lose prime. If it does it has a leak somewhere that is letting air in when the tractor sits. Second, the system should be self priming. If it does not then there is an issue with the pickup tube. #1 and #2 are probably related, as in your pickup tube is leaking and letting air into the system.

"5 gallons over full" does not apply to the 404. Fill to the level plug as prescribed in the manual, and no more. In fact 5 gallons over full, I'm surprised you got that much in without having to pack it in with a toilet plunger! The 404 is a small tractor and doesn't have a huge hydraulic oil capacity.

BTW that IS a "Wagner" loader if I'm not mistaken. Built by Wagner for IH. Unfortunately the part numbers won't do you any good because no parts are available. If the cylinders are bad enough you may need to find generic cylinders that are "close enough" fit to replace them. Your other option is to have a hydraulic shop fabricate you new cylinders from scratch, which is going to cost a fortune.
well if this this is the hydraulic fill om back of the valve body , then were is the place that you have to check for level as I cant find
one....and after I put that fluid in I noticed the trnsmission now has more fluid? So are you saying the Hydralics fluid then is totally
seperate from the transmission and rear end ? is the transmission seperate from the rear end too? The tractor sat probably 25 years .
is the cooler in front of radiator for trans or hydrauics ?
All in one hydraulic transmission and rear end. Check plug is down low on the left side, towards the front; kind of hidden behind the clutch rod.
I hope you havent been looking for that plug too hard. I was thinking of the wrong tractor. The plug youre looking for is on the left REAR, behind the axle housing,about level with the PTO shaft.

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