Oil filter for 1935 Oliver Hart Parr 18-27


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I'm pretty sure of the answer here, but I'd like an answer (or two) from the brain trust. What is the correct oil filter for the early to mid-30s Hart Parr 18-27 engine? I've yet to find anything in a parts book, even though it has a pretty Purolator sticker on the side of the housing. I'd really like a replacement before I tear into it. I've heard that they are nothing more than a piece of felt, but I'd like to put a little something more back into it, even if it involves some sort of canister filter with a spring on top of it.
Anybody have a 90 year old reference from the Purolator catalog :LOL: or an equivalent from some other manufacturer?
If that is the same as a 1945 80 row crop I put a Baldwin in but it was not completely a direct replacement. Problem is I can't find the number right now.

That 80 had a cleanable filter that was lone gone. The top plate would unscrew. With a thick rubber washer on the bottom I could screw the top back on an seal on that filter. It's not my tractor but I did get the motor going several years ago.

I will try to look for that number but don't hold your breath. The parts guy who helped me find that filter was suddenly gone since February. Will miss him.

If that is the same as a 1945 80 row crop I put a Baldwin in but it was not completely a direct replacement.
Thanks for your post. Once I change oil, I will see what is currently in there, but I suspect I will just be grabbing the old paper NAPA dimension catalog from 2001 and finding something that will fit. I just wanted something on hand so that I didn't have to have it inoperable for awhile.
The thought of having engine oil filtered was a great concept in the '30s, in reality it just didn't quite happen very well back then. Subject in hand:


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I have an 18-28, same engine. I looked for a couple years trying to find the correct filter. Nobody has it anymore. took the dimensions of the canister to NAPA and found a paper one that would fit. I had to make a plate for the top and bottom and installed a spring. Problem is, I don't remember the filter number.

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