oliver 550 hydraulic issue


About a year ago my Oliver 550 was weak, but the hydraulic lift worked fine. I took the engine out and sent it off to be rebuilt and I replaced most of the oil seals but did not disturb the hydraulic components. Recently I reassembled the tractor and the engine, clutch and PTO work fine, but no hydraulics.

I took out the ¼ inch plug off the side of the casting, put in a nipple and hose and started the tractor. Oil pumped out forcefully. I put in 2 gallons of diesel and ran the engine a little. Put a nipple in the casting and the diesel was pumped out forcefully. Put the diesel back in. There is no response from the hydraulic lift.
Please tell me what to do next
Could there be air in the system? Maybe it just needs to be bled, but I'm not really sure. I've got a 550, but I don't know a ton about them.

Right between your legs in the operating station is the housing for the hydraulic filter. I'd check that out and probably replace that too.

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