PTO install

I have a Fordson Major and am in Australia. I have removed the PTO and replaced the seals. I have tried to replace the PTO but it will not go in the
last 25 mm or so. If I lift it slightly it goes in about 10 mm and stops. I have tried the jiggle and turn method with no luck. Does anyone have any tricks
or tips. Should I engage the PTO lever?
The PTO shaft is just a straight shaft into the PTO drop box on the bottom of the gearbox. There are only the splines to line up at the front end and the hydraulic pump drive gear at the back.

Put the PTO in gear and that will hold the splines still to help you line them up, then just wriggle and twist. (the shaft that is). :0)
Engaged the PTO and it slipped in perfectly. I am about to refill the rear axle and gear box but I need to find the dip sticks and fillers. I have a copy of the manual and will trawl through to find it. Thanks.

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