Sticking Hydro Pedals - JD 345

I have problems with the hydro pedals sticking when it gets cold. Usually its the forward pedal when plowing snow. Can get real interesting plowing down hill to the state highway. This fall the reverse pedal is sticking. I don't have a clue what to look for - can anyone help? Works fine mowing lawn in the summer.

I am going to put it up on ramps so I can see better underneath, but not sure what to even look for.

I live in NC, so almost no snow.

Is there any chance that snow is just plain packing up under there and jamming the linkage?

Being that snow is mostly water, I would also wonder if the water is trying to rust the pivot points in the linkage.
No snow yet this year. And there is no way snow is getting up under the deck of the tractor. Seems odd that it only happens when it is cold. No grease fittings that I know of, either.
I have a 325 out here that the pedals were rubbing the mat where is goes through the floor pan. I took the floor mat off and trimmed it. My F-932 was sticking on the common shaft for all of the pedals.
Heat, and I drilled through the pedal shaft housing and used plenty of penetrating oil. On this machine all three pedals run on a common shaft.

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