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Obviously I know little about paint so I m asking for advice. Since I bought the paint, I ve learned that etching primer should be used on bare metal, now I m getting confused about using hardener and clear coat to use em or not. I would like it to last a while but not looking for a show quality job. I would hate for it to fade out right away. And I m not too crazy about using ultra expensive paint and have to use a supplied air source to keep from poisoning myself. So should I get a different paint or proceed with Tallman with hardener and clear coat or no hardener and clear coat or what. Thanks for your help
So, what paint did you buy? Do you want a show tractor or just a nice looking parade tractor? Preparation is 90% of the job. Clean, sand and clean and sand until everything is smooth and
meticulously clean, absolutely no grease or silicone anywhere near the job! Yes, self-etching primer will save the day. You don't need a hardener. Just shoot a good old alkyd enamel and you
will be happy with it for years.

Many owners will use what is commonly called "implement" paint to paint their tractor. It is Alkyd enamel which is WWI technology. It is not durable and will fade, especially the brighter colors. The next step up is Acrylic enamel which for 2X the money is 10X better. It is much more durable and faster drying, yet is 1/10 the cost of good automotive paint. If you are going to spend 5 hours on prep don't spend $ on good paint. If you are going to spend 50 hours on prep use good paint so that it will last. Good primer is needed if you want the paint to stick. Many here advocate implement paint and show how good it looks immediately after application. They are not showing how it looks five years later.
I dont use hardener with Tallmans , was advised not to . Had good results with it ,Best paint for the money in my opinion.
Call Dick Van sickle ask him what to do at Tallmans for better information, if you need to add hardening.
The Tallmans paint is an alkyd enamel. It would be better to use the acid etch primer and then put their primer over the top but you could skip the acid primer. Their primer will adhere alright. The hardener they make for it isn't the isocyanate hardener you have to have an air supplied respirator for, a common cartridge paint respirator would be good enough. You don't have to use the hardener but it will make the paint gloss up better and will last longer.
If your metal is clean, no oil, no rust,
sanded, red oxide primer where there was
rust, gray primer otherwise. Use harder if
you want durability and more resistance to
fading. Clear coat is nothing but trouble
on a tractor you want to use, hard to
touch up, makes scratches show worse. Buy
from a source who offers paint in spray
cans and by the quart or gallon. Life will
be easier touching up in the future.
Thanks guys I appreciate the info I built a large bead blaster to clean up the parts , the small ones I could afford werent big enough to get a headlamp
in for an ole guy that basically didnt know much, its turning out ok thanks again!

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