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john Deere 830 3cylingder diesel , just bought this tractor and decided to replace the sleeves and pistons ,poor compression , now i find out I've got to tear the front end off to get to where i can time the valves , not happy, is there another way to set the timing ? thanks in advance !
thanks, could you tell me the procedure for setting the valves ? i know what the clearance settings for the intake and exhaust valves are, how to figure out when your at TDC
You don't need to be at TDC. Crank engine slowly clockwise and watch the valves, when the INTAKE just CLOSES, turn engine about 1/2 turn then stop and set both valves.
Another way is when one valve is FULLY DOWN/OPEN set the other valve on that cylinder.
Hello Max welcome to YT! For one if you did the piston
and sleeve replacement without repair manual to
reference that is a fairly gutsy move I hope that all
turns out okay. There may be a particular process laid
out in the repair manual but it is not the only way to
position the engine to set the clearance of a valve. In
my opinion you have two options. The first is turn the
engine and watch the valves. Just as one valve for a
cylinder reaches the point it has fully opened adjust
the opposite valve for that cylinder. Mark that valve
rocker arm with soap stone or a paint marker, continue
this process until all the valves have been adjusted. OR
turn the engine and watch the intake valve of number 1
cylinder closest to the radiator. When it closes turn the
an additional half turn and set both valves on that
cylinder. Repeat that on the other two cylinders
watching their intake valves. The firing order is 1-2-3
so cylinder two will be next in line.
i cheated i pulled it up on you tube and made my own sleeve puller, just didn't understand the setting of the valves, thanks so much for the input and thanks for the welcome aboard,

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