TO-20 water pump


My TO-20 water pump is pouring water out. This site has a new water pump at around $40 They have a rebuilt one for over $100 Any one know what is supposed to be the big difference in these two?

My guess is that the $40 dollar new one is manufactured off shore, China or some other place. The $100 dollar one is likely a US rebuilt using the original casting. Yesterday's Tractor would likely confirm that for you if you contacted customer support. Which is better? I wouldn't hazard a guess.
When I had a TO-30 (sold it 5 years ago), I replaced the water pump with a $40 unit. The holes were mis drilled and t would
not install. I sent it back and bought a rebuilt OEM unit for $80 and it went right in. The OAEM is a much heavier casting
ad i still have the original OEM unit that I removed because it was leaking. My advice is spend the money and get a re-
builtOEM pump.
I put the $47 one on mine earlier this year. I had no problem with the pump, everything lined up and it went right on. My problem was stripped threads on one bolt hole that wanted to leak. Some aircraft thread sealer and very careful tightening fixed that, at least for now.
(quoted from post at 15:17:35 11/21/23) I'm going to give the cheaper one a try. Went ahead and ordered new hoses and thermostat too.

Good idea, I forgot, that mine didn't have a thermostat in it. So that was a delay until I could get one. Then I had to do some grinding on it so it would fit in the hose.

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