To sell or Pitch; STD liner & Piston

Rob Mo.

I have a super 77 gas. Recently just had the engine overhauled & had an overbore kit put in. I have the STD pistons & Liners that appear to be a great condition. The liners have little to no wear with the exception of the o-ring on the bottom that will need to be replaced. The pistons are in great shape & just need rings. The reason I had the overbore put in was for 1. The tractor would use oil when worked hard, likely just needed rings. 2. The shop that changed it out has great knowledge of the Oliver brand tractor & because they farm with them as well. They have been wanting to retire, so I thought I better squeeze this engine through their shop before it was too late. So, I would like to sell the liners, pistons w/ wrist pins as a set. Is there a market for them or what are your thoughts?
I've bought and sold single cylinder parts and whole sets. I've never had a problem with using used nor have I had negative feedback on ones I've sold. Ebay was usually where I sold them. gm
Stock pistons are hard to find, so would think someone would want them. but also hard to find rings for stock pistons. I dropped a valve in a 77 years ago that put a hole in the piston. could not find a stock piston so went to a junk yard and pulled a piston and put it in with the old rings and all. Still running nearly 40 years later.

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