Tractor Wreck

(quoted from post at 12:51:49 09/28/23) MD Yes Gotta be careful, and I hope you have a
speedy recovery. One question Im thinking that
640 likely does not have a two stage clutch, so as you
try to stop quickly, the momentum of the brush cutter
pushes you. If you have not already, buy an over riding
one way clutch for your PTO shaft. You will be able to
stop the tractor a lot faster in emergencies.
I have an ORC, it happened so fast, there was no chance to hit the brake. Tractor spun around and had the broken limb under the rear tire and the tractor became wedged, came to a stop, didn't stall, the right wheel kept turning and digging in. I was knocked down, after the limb hit my back still in the seat. I don't know how long it took me to be able to reach around and turn the key off.
(quoted from post at 14:26:01 09/28/23) Believe me, it is a 63, 64, or early 65 4000.
I'm not doubting you, but what makes you say it's not a 640. Right after I got it in 2006 I sent pics of all the serial numbers I could find to this forum and the consensus was 640 mutt with non stock sheet metal so that's what I went with.
What are obvious differences between a 640 and 4000?
I'm not with the tractor now so I can't get all the serial numbers again.
So back to the clutch pedal. Which one do I buy?
When I get back to it I'd like to recheck the the pedigree. Heck, if it's 4000, that's an upgrade on HP.
Everyone said the hood on it had been replaced with the one on there now.

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I can't tell for sure without a better picture, but the rear axle housing does look like it has the recess where the top link mount is, which would make it a rear axle center housing from an 800/801/4000 series. The 600/601/2000 rear axle center housing was smaller around the differential, and the top link mount was simply attached to the outside of the differential housing, and in order to make the 3 point geometry the same between them all, the heavier duty rear axle housing of the 800/801/4000 series had a slight concave recess where the top link mount is attached.
It will be a couple of weeks before I get back to the tractor, then I'll start collecting all the serial numbers that I can find.
This is getting exciting to think I've got a newer and more powerful tractor than first thought. Now I'll try and figure out what makes a 4000 better than a 640.
I'm still amazed you guys can look at a picture and see and know more about it than I ever would.
Thanks to all who have chimed in.

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Wow. I'm glad you escaped even more serious injury. Things can sure happen fast when you hit a tree branch, and an oak tree will always win. I wish you a rapid recovery.
Here's an update on me and the clutch pedal and the 640.
1. Just took a pic of the numbers just above the starter. Says 640 no mater what the sheet metal is. If anyone has anymore ideas about numbers, I'll check them out.
2. Still can't find a replacement pedal.Only one is NOS and I'm not paying $96 for it.

Healing is coming along. Chest and abdominal pain are almost gone. Tremendous swelling of the left leg has gone way down.
The hole in my leg is slowly closing, still got a long way to go on that.
Now that I'm up here, I'm just going to pull the pedal off and weld it back together.

Rippee's Tractor Salvage near Park Hills, MO has them.
They have buildings full of hundred series parts.
Those numbers, 640 and <>9857<> or <>98571<>, I can't tell for sure if that's a 1 at the end or not, are stamped into the transmission bell housing, so they only apply to the tractor that transmission was in when it left the factory. Parts get swapped over the years, so you never know whether the trans is original to most of the rest of the tractor or not. Only the trans has a serial number. The other major components do all have date codes, so gather all of those date codes that you can find. Most tractors were assembled within a few weeks to a few months after the major components were assembled, so that should tell you when the majority of the tractor was made, which should tell you whether most of it is from a hundred series, or an '01 series or a thousand series model.
I'll start looking for other casting numbers right after I repair the clutch pedal.
As stated before, all parts I've ever ordered for a 640 have been right.
Where do I look for other casing numbers?

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