Unstyled John Deere A oil pressure


New User
Does anyone know the actual oil pressure numbers on the unstyled John Deere A gauge what L M and H marks represent?
No I don't what the letters on your gauge represent in psi. You can get an accurate gauge from HF inexpensively as I did to check my A. You won]t see more than 10-12 psi at best in my experience. I got a new oil pressure gauge from a well known vender years ago that always read low oil pressure. That is why I got the HF gauge to check and the pressure was fine. You will get several different fittings that make it useful for many other applications.
Just to clarify, I don't mean to buy your tractor gauge from HF, use it to check psi and get an actual number.
I understood what you were saying about HF test gauge and looks like they offer two different brands at HF. The JD gauge on the tractor reads between the L and M. Thanks for the advice

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