update on 544 hydro PTO

Today I took some time to look at the linkage to the PTO. Everything seemed to be free but still not much movement of the PTO lever. I said before that the boot over the actual PTO actuator (for lack of a better term, see photo) was torn. I sprayed a little PB Blaster under the boot and gradually got full movement of the lever. Looked promising so I kept engaging and disengaging the PTO and I was able to get the snap' when the PTO is engaged. The engine was off while I was doing this. I engaged it again and it stuck in the engaged position. I uncoupled the mower's PTO shaft and started the tractor and the PTO turned fine but would not disengage. Stopped the engine hooked up the mower's PTO shaft again and tried to mow some really heavy weeds and grass. No problem, no slippage of the PTO except it would not disengage. So I removed the mower from the tractor and attached my 6' Woods rototiller and rototilled about 700' of row in weedy but previously tilled soil. No problem except the PTO would not disengage.. so I have a constantly running PTO now with the only way to stop is to stop the engine. I am probably done using the PTO on this tractor for this season. Another winter project. So I guess what was happening when the PTO was slipping was that it was barely engaged. I may have some PTO clutch damage but it seems minimal. Any ideas on what could be causing the PTO not to disengage and will it do any further damage if I run it with the PTO constantly running but no equipment attatched to it?

I think you be safe to run tractor for non pto work just make sure to keep it covered so nothing gets wrapped up in it. I think plates probably damaged. You will have to pull it to fix it.
What do you mean by "would not disengage?"

The "actuator" is called a "spool" because it's a hydraulic spool valve that sends pressurized hydraulic oil to a piston, which then compresses the clutch plates in the PTO to make the shaft turn.

Is the spool stuck in the up position? If yes, that's why it won't shut off. You need to get the spool to go back down to shut the PTO off. Have you gently tapped on the spool to try and get it to go back down?


Does the spool drop down, yet the PTO shaft continues to turn? If that is the case, warped clutches and the PTO unit needs to come out.

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