IH 544 hydro PTO

Running a 6 foot rotary mower the other day with this tractor and if I got into really heavy grass the PTO would stop turning. If I lifted the mower it would start going again and run ok until I hit some heavy stuff again. The tractor engine never slowed down. The lever to engage the PTO has very little movement. It is really hard to tell if I have the PTO engaged unless I am looking at it. The rubber boot around the lever at the back of the tractor is torn. Why the clutch on the mower isn't slipping instead of the PTO stopping I don't know. Any ideas from you IH fellows?
You need to check the PTO clutch operating pressure and correct as needed. If that doen't solve the slipping issue the PTO clutch will have to be rebuilt
By the slipping limits of a 574 the clutch is already now shot. they told dad if it slipped about 2 seconds it was done for. The pressure is so important dad rigged up a line with a pressure gauge to watch it for low pressure when we engage the PTO each time. Since then it has not been a probelm in about 35 years and we don't hardly use the PTO on it anymore. with so many other options to use the loader is just in the way to use it.
The clutch on the mower isn't slipping because it's taking less force to slip the clutch on the tractor's PTO.

"Hardly moves?" The PTO lever should come up with a positive "click" as the mechanism goes over center.

Most likely you've burned out the PTO clutches which will require draining the hydraulic fluid, removing the PTO unit, and replacing the clutches. Once that's done you need to figure out what's wrong with your linkage and lever, get a gauge and set the pressure before you try mowing with it again.

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