Using fast hitch implements on 3 point tractor

Has anyone come up with an adapter to use fast hitch implements on a 3 point tractor?

My Farmall is in the shop for repairs, would be nice to use the implements this fall on my Kubota.

Was thinking of buying a fast hitch and then welding 3 point hookup to it.
I googled it and don't see anything ready made, You might have to build something, shouldn't be to hard. Lots available the other way, to use 3-point equipment on a fast hitch. I adapted a IH 340 utility to use 3-point equipment, worked well. Easier to hook up than a regular 3-point.
If the 3pt on the Kubota can move together far enough to get inside the FH prongs, you could drill holes for the 3pt pins and use it that way. Staying rearward xo the implement is not way out back. The upper link could be a chain to begin with for proof of concept, then a suitable pilon bolted to the implement for real control. Jim
Yes there is/was such a thing but they are EXTREMELY rare and impossible to find. There was one for sale on Facebook in one of the IH/Farmall groups earlier this year. I thought I had it saved but it appears that I do not.

The problem is when you search google for "fast hitch to 3pt adapter" or "3pt to fast hitch adapter" you get everything for mounting a 3pt implement on a fast hitch tractor, because that is what's commonly done.
There is a commercial made outfit out there. I've seen one advertized. But they are pretty rare. I made one from a fasthitch from an 806. Works very well.You have to do some welding,drill some holes,etc.,but really not a hard job.
My D19 Allis Chalmers has one. I bought it off of a salvage tractor years ago. It's the only one I've ever seen, and I know nothing of its origin.

The front end of the lift arms are female and accept male arms with standard sockets for 3 point implements. I use it as 3 point all the time, but I do have an IH 2 point blade. To use the blade, I simply pull the male arms out of the front part of the arms and plug the 2 point blade in.

Make sense? I'm nowhere near it right now or I'd post a picture.
What I did, was to remove the fast hitch prong assemblies, unbolting only, NO cutting, and fabricate a 3-point frame. I did this to my IH disc and Woods bush hog, and I can unbolt and rebolt back to fast hitch if needed. It would not be feasible to do a set of plows though.
At Red Power Round Up one year I saw an adapter on a large tractor to use a 3pt tractor on 2pt implements. It looked factory and had the 2pt receivers under the 3pt arms. Mark.

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