3-Point Hitch Snowblower Hookup Question


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I have a 7-foot snowblower with 3-point hitch hookup. Is it safe the hookup a 3-point mount snowblower using a category 2 quick hitch or should it be attached to the tractor 3-point directly? Has anyone had issues either way? Curious of others thoughts. Thanks for your reply.
You may want to put bushings on the blower pins to adapt to cat 2 to reduce slop, or if always going to use on a cat 2 tractor, replace the pins on the blower to cat 2 if possible.
I have bushings on the pins presently to use with the category 2 hitch. I have just heard from some people that the quick hitch should only be used to PULL rather than PUSH a piece of equipment. I wanted to get others thoughts on the subject. Thank you.
I'd never heard that, but when you think about it, it makes some sense. The pins might want to push up against the latches instead of pulling down and back against solid iron in the hitch.
No problem with a quick hitch on a blower. Just make sure the pto shaft neither dead heads or overextends while raising or lowering.
Only issue Ive run into is with a heavy offset implement, like a disk mower. A quick hitch doesnt like upward pressure on the latch.
Interesting. I have a Servis/Rhino boom mower. I bought this brand because they said it can ONLY be used with a fast hitch. I use it on a CaseIH MX270 with duals, cat III quick hitch. Don't have to worry about tipping the tractor over!
Could blocks or angle irons be added above the lower pin latches to either backup the latches or completely replace the latches? It would defeat some of the purpose of the quick hitch, but would keep the snowblower in place.

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