WD45 sleeve installation question?


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Okay, I installed my new sleeves about 3-weeks ago. The upper lip and the bottom seat were shiny clean. I used dawn dish soap on the "0" rings and the sleeves pretty much slid in. I tapped gentle with rubber mallet. I don"t know why but, I left approximately 1" of each of the sleeve"s sticking out above the block surface. I poured water in the block...let it sit for a couple of days...no leaks. Finished bottom end of motor and installed pan. Tonight I started to install the head and thought I would just rubber mallet the sleeve"s the rest of the way into place. (The I&T manual says no more than 0.004" of the sleeve can be above the plane of the block surface.) However, the best I can do is 0.010".
My question is...Can the head gasket make-up the 0.006" difference or am I asking for problems?
Don't understand why you would have assembled the rods and pan without having the sleeves fully in place "home". Did you fit the sleeves into the block without the o-rings on the sleeves? Did they fit OK then? .004 above block. Maybe some contamination got in the seat during the time of sitting for a couple days. If you have not completed the head installation I would go back and find out why the sleeves are above the block by .010. I think this is too much.
A hard lesson in how to install sleeves. I receved a nice note a while back telling me I didn't know what I was talking about after explaining how to prepair and install sleeves. The fellow said he didn't do all of that and he had no problem.
You might get lucky but it looks like you didn't. Looks like it is disassemble time if you want it correct.
I goes something like this.
You clean the bottom land until the sleeve will slide down in place and turn by hand 360 degrees all the way down. All the way down means to where the sleeve is only above the block the correct hight.
I clean with an air die grinder with a 2" flapper wheel as pictured.


Next time leave the dish soap in the kitchen and use non-hardening Permatex liberally on the lower sleeves around the O-rings.

This will help prevent future leaks....

Better yet, Pour a pint in the block after the sleeves are in, to prevent leaks, should a web crack between cylinders..works fine...

BTDT,..F W I W.....
In a last ditch effort...I called the Agco dealer I purchased my rebuild kit from and he said to install the head and torque it to spec. and the sleeves would seat. I did, then I pulled the head off a couple of days later and sure enough...The sleeves were seated even with the top of the block. I have since re-installed the head and re-torqued. He said he sees this all the time with diesel engine. The "o" rings cause the sleeve to bounce and will not seat until the head is torqued.
Hopefully, this information will help someone else. However, everything must be super clean!

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