What I Saw Today, Pretty Girls on Pretty Tractors

Walt in Jaxn Tn.

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This is one of the oldest images I have on Photobucket. Brighanne Hargrove at the Pulaski Tn. show. Not sure what time of the summer it was but, always hot.
Thanks for the time you spend uploading all your photos you always have a good selection. Dont know if the second pic fits under this heading but it takes all sorts to make the world go round. lol. Whishing you a happy and safe christmas from Austraila

Thanks Walt for the pictures....I always enjoy them.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

To everyone else, Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays....take your pick!
Really nice tractors and beautiful girls with happy friends, family. Lots of TLC obviously went into those restorations. Simply gorgeous.

now thats what tractor collecting is all about, friends, family, pretty country girls and good looking old iron.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

don deere
What a nice post for Christmas Day. Very nice pictures, and captioned correctly. Very pretty girls on very pretty tractors. Thanks for the entertainment, and Merry Christmas to you Walt
Say's "One Ninety XT" on the side. I'm sure the folks over on the Allis Chalmers board could set the story straight with history, numbers and where they mostly used. I believe there was a company named Thompson or something like that in Thedibau Louisiana that used the Allis Chalmers frame to produce a seperate version of the High Crop
Thanks for the photos. That was a nice ending to an otherwise cloudy and dreary day. (Or at least that's what it was here.)
It is a high crop tractor. Look at the spindles on the front axle, also the small diameter rear axle with narrow rear tires.

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