Repairing a Massey Harris 22

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Repairing A Massey Harris 22
by John Reeves

Massey Harris 22 Serial 22GS 5364
Massey Harris 22 S/N 22GS 5364 (1953)
I have just given this old girl (boy?) a replacement RH rear axle. I was lucky enough to find an axle in good shape at a reasonable price - also a replacement for the right rear brake assembly which was broken.

It was necessary to remove both rear wheels and axles in order to remove the differential gear - this proved to be difficult because it was impossible to remove the oil shute that transfers the lube oil from the gear case to the differential housing - I had to resort to using the cutting torch after drying out the interior .

The oil chute is attached to the inside of the differential housing by two quarter inch cap screws - the screws are at the top of the housing and one screw is too close to the casting to attach any kind of wrench.

At re-assembly this was modified by drilling a hole in the casing below the chute hole - welding a bracket below the repaired chute and attaching the the chute by means of one quarter inch bolt and lock nut , This makes it very accessible for both removal and replacement .

Re-assembly of the tractor took approximately two weeks of off and on time - repairing broken studs - drilling and taping and a general clean up. Several knowledgeable people have commented that the MH 22 has a common fault in that the axles are prone to breakage .

The rear axle
The Axle
Except for the axle on this model - all other parts are in good working order and there is no metal fatigue elsewhere. This model is equipped with the hydraulics from a MH Pony and they work very well.

I enjoyed working on this veteran tractor and discovering the simple but very effective engineering that was performed by Massey and Harris so many years ago.

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