1951 A-C CA model-assumed generator problem?

Alfred White

New User
new battery does not hold charge..suspect generator or solenoid which appears to have been recently replaced. That is the solenoid appears to have been replaced recently. Acquired the tractor just two months ago.
Pull one of the battery cable off then put a meter or test light between the battery post and cable. If you get a reading then you have something that is taking a draw on the battery if you don't then you have a new bad battery. If you get a reading take one wire off at a time till you find where the draw is coming from
Hobby farm
Do you mean the cut out on the generator? Is it still 6 volt?

If it has a solenoid it was added but it still should not be a draw down there. If it has been changed to a 12 Volt GM alternator it could have an internal short.

Or not wired correctly in the box under the steering wheel
to test the generator, ground the "F" terminal to the frame to bypass light switch resistor. if tht works, you have a bad ground. next jumper around the cutout relay, which is really connecting the A terminal of the generator to the amp meter. you can also put a volt meter across the two terminals of the generator with the F grounded and relay bypassed and see what voltage you have. if both of those tests fail, the generator is bad.

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