1974 580B trans only has pressure in neutral

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ok so if I am in neutral with the not really a clutch pedal released i get pressure and a strange whine and a vibration in the cooling lines coming off the valve body of the power shuttle. if the not-a-clutch is pressed in the pressure drops to effectively 0 and the whine stops and if its put in gear with not-a-clutch pressed or released pressure goes to effectively 0 and there is no drive while in any gear.

the pressure drops fast if the shift lever is moved just off neutral to reverse or forward. I have read and been told this might be the pickup tube being clogged and i read it could also be the pump seals are pulling in air. Before i pull the steering column and the top plate of the torque tube i wanted to see what other people have experienced. also wanted to know how close to the drain hole the pickup tube is to possibly snake something in there and clean the pickup tube screen possibly. or could i possibly chop a hole in the bottom of the torque tube casing and make an access plate just to clean that pickup tube screen?

other info is the previous owner had it running but after an oil change where they used traveller premium universal transmission/hydraulic fluid it then quit ... their neighbor said they wouldnt be surprised if the screen is clogged by what they saw come out of the trans.

What has other people experienced? and is there a way to cheat the steering column out of the way of the 2 bolts at the back of the top trans plate and off that threaded post on these?

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