4010 Installed Wide Front End and caused steering leak


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Good morning.

Last weekend, we put a wide front end on our 4010 gasser. We bought the bolts from the local John Deere, but they were apparently too long and we got up into the steering seals and created a significant leak.

Now we are trying to figure out if this is something we can fix. I'm having trouble locating a schematic or parts diagram or video or anything relevent to this repair to see if its something we can do.

Can anyone help a lady out, please?

Thanks in advance!
If your careful you can make an easy fix, remove the front end, the steering arm take the 2 steering lines loose at the place they join behind the right side screen, this is to keep the steering pistons from wanting to move when the pinion is dropped out, the remove the 6 1/2" bolts that hold the pinion ,, carefully drop the pinion down out with out letting it turn, you will nee to keep it in time, the pinion will not want to come down easy, it will be rusted to the 2 dowel pins on the side,,once you get it on the bench remove the snap ring and bounce the bearing off, change the seal then giude it back up into the housing keeping it in the same position as it came out,, then with a bolt holding it up turn the pinion left and right to be sure the timing marks line up,, things to thing about is ,oil down your arm pit, not prying on lines or fittings to get it down out,,the hole in the pinion are wider front to rear,, lining the timing marks up,, here are a couple pics to help you.




Did you put on an aftermarket front end?
Schwartz and Speeco had a thinner arm.
Tim, thanks for the idea to use a puller. We just used a small chisel and worked around the outside untill they came. Had a 2510 a few weeks ago that I was not sure we were going to get apart. Will use a puller next time. Tom
That works well when it comes loose the side bolts catch it, it don't end up in your lap,,

We sure did. Unsure of the brand but sure wishing we d done a little research in advance! Lesson learned (the hard way!)

Thanks for the info. I think this is something we can handle! We re going to need some more blocks!

I ll let you know how it goes!
I block up where the engine meets the clutch housing, if you can use a "Cribbing" style of blocking,,and yes you will have oil in your arm pits...

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