4020 clutch shaft pilot bearing

Richard G.

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Son is putting the new clutch in his 1965 4020 Syncro shift.
Behind the pilot bearing in the crankshaft is a fiber looking washer.
What is it for?
The clutch came with a new pilot bearing but not the washer.
Thanks, Richard
For me to reply is dumb since I've never operated a 4020. I can't count above 2. But ignorance never stops a politician. IF I were to put a fibre washer behind a pilot bearing, I'd probably do so to get it some lubricant it's been soaked in to feed the bearing over it's hopefully years of life. Oh, can't be a politician, being too proud to lie and the only thing I have worth anything is my word.

That washer is there to protect the end of the input shaft from getting mushroomed out. I haven't had to deal with it myself but I've heard of that washer being left out and when the tractor is split the bearing comes out of the crankshaft (makes splitting much harder) because the input shaft can't slide out of the bearing. Look in parts it'll be listed somewhere
Is the new pilot-bearing sealed?? The original bearing was open on the back, to take in lub-grease.. Thus the fiber washer; to help absorb and hold lubricant and cushion the
end of input-shaft...
620 John got it. Sometimes they go to pieces. I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is to spit one when the shaft gets tight in the pilot bearing. You will say some very bad words before you are finished. Tom
If you need an alignment shaft i can give you the dimensions to make one. I make them out out aluminum round stock. I also have the setting tool to..

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