A/C 180 ballast weights


When I bought my 180 30 years ago, it had two wheel weights on each rear wheel plus three weights on the front in. I only use the tractor to pull a 12' Woods mower, a 200 gallon sprayer, and a 7' harrow. I've had the rear weight off for quite a while and wondering if they need to go back on the tractor for some reason. Usually only use it on dry ground where I can't get stuck. Is there a safety or economy reason I need the rear weights? The tractor doesn't have a front end loader or cab. Original tire sizes. Thanks.
Your tractor with no fluid in the tires or any added front/rear weights weighs just under 7,000 lbs. If you wanted to pull a 4 bottom moldboard plow, you need to weigh 8,000 to 9,000 lbs depending on your terrain and soil types. If you don't need the weight, don't add it back on. It takes weight to PULL certain implements. Some implements don't need added weight on the tractor.
Thanks Dr. Allis. Guess there's no harm in putting the front weights back on but I won't be pulling anything big. The tractor must have come with them just in case. Do you think it hurts the fuel economy much? I guess total weights at bout 7-800ilbs.
Sure it takes more fuel to push an 8000 lb tractor over an identical 7000 lb tractor. Not much I'm sure, but it has to take more.
My 42pto NH came with no ballast at liquid or metal. Thought the dealer did it, at least liquid. Nope. Once I added liquid ballast to the rears pulling power improved, stability improved, all around performance of the tractor improved tremendously. In liquid ballast I think I'm at around 600lbs per tire. I think some ballasting weighting really should be done to get some advantage in stability, and traction. You may not need maximum weighting but some will help, not hurt. Now when the tires go flat it will increase your work, but an overturned tractor is a real headache. Even on flat land ditches and stumpholes happen.

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