A Special Note of Thanks to Tim Daley

When I recently posted a question about my 2N stalling, a few people offered good suggestions. But Tim not only took the time to type out a comprehensive list of suggestions with possible solutions (the way he always does), but he also took the time to post an incredible number of photos of his various reference pages, but also of other items, such as disgustingly dirty fuel line filters, etc. He does this each time despite the availability of the Archives section, which we only sometimes take advantage of, so, I just wanted to offer my public appreciation for his efforts. Tim, thank you so much. Here are a few pics of my restoration projects all of which I do myself, and all of which you have helped on without knowing it. (1925 Fordson, 1940 9N, 1946 2N, 1954 850, 1954 Fergie TO-30). (Sorry about the Fergie).




Absolutely. Tim deserves some praise. When I read his answer, I was thinking he goes a little above and beyond the call of duty.
Your comments are greatly appreciated Larry, thank you for your vote of confidence. I try to pass on what I've learned from others who have passed this way in the past, after all, this is what this site is all about - sharing info and helping others, newbies especially. Good job on your tractors. That original early 9N aluminum horizontal bar grille is a valuable item.

Tim Daley(MI)
Ah, good call Roger. I didn't have my tri-focals on yesterday morning...but didn't think a FERG grille fit a FORD??? It does look shorter and ill-fitting...

The reason for the short and ill fitting grill on the Ferguson is because it looks like it had a loader on it at one time so the bottom of the grill has been cut out and the top of the hood has been converted so the top will open. This is usually done to access the fuel/radiator/battery when a loader is installed and the hood can't be tilted forward.
That is not the early Ford 9N, in fact it is my Ferguson TO-30, and the prior poster is correct, it had the bottom cut away by a prior owner who did have a loader on it, which gave room for the front mounted hydraulic pump and drive shaft. This hood and dog legs which originally rotated upwards to access the fuel tank and radiator filler caps, was altered so it could only be lifted off straight upwards so it would clear the loader frame. The dog legs stayed on the tractor, and just the hood top was removable, which is why there are Jeep hood type hold downs on the front. The top of the hood just over the fuel cap was also cut out and a hinged door was installed so fuel could be added without removing the hood at all, and this was a common alteration to the Fergies. As I do not want a loader on my Fergie, I have since restored the hood to its original configuration, and will also replace the front grill. In answer to Tims question, It certainly would not fit a 39 or early 40 9n. I have not physically checked the measurements to see if it would fit a later 9n or a 2N, I will do so in the next few days. The Fergie horizontal grill is steel and not Al, so it probably would not be a correct replacement to the early 9Ns. New Replacement Fergie Grills sell for about $195. Hope this helps, Larry.
Good afternoon, Tim PloughNman Dal: I hate to interrupt a thread, but I want to ask you about the footboards in the pic of the Ferguson. I have a 9N with similar foot boards, I would like to I.D. BTW, my headlights are definitely from a Ferguson, the bezels are held with screws installed from the front, not by a clamping band. Possibly you can inform me? Thanks much!
Dennis M. in W. Tenn.

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