allis b starter

Hi guys;My allis b does nothing when I push the starting rod. New battery, lights work.Where do I go from here? How to remove the starter.Thanks to all....jimmy
Take the two screws out of the starter switch to start with and clean the contacts. Make sure all the cable connectors are clean a well. The started just slides back and out after you remove the lock stud on the side of the torque tube. The slide part might need some hammer help. I kinda bump thee back of he starter up and down as pry and beat out if they want to be stuborn.
Has the bendex gotten stuck? It may be that it has pinched into the ring gear and it won"t turn from there. I would check their by taking the starter out some and then trying the starter to see it it turns. Just bump it. If that"s all it is them maybe a new one may help. Worth a try. If you have the crank give the motor a turn by hand and see it that get"s it free also. Good luck.

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