allis ca ????

Ed Hodge

ser# 20036
motor # am2916 39

trans number 207811 i think its a shermen trans

shift patnern not like ive every seen 1 3
4 r 2
i have a lever comming from the axle housing on the right side between the brakes and rearend housing
Sounds like a ca to me. Does it have power shift rear wheels? The lever on the axle housing is the hand clutch. It stops the wheels while leaving the pto spinning and the hydraulics live. They are good tractors easily my favorite of the acs we have. Mike
What you have is anb AC "CA". These are very powerful tractors for their size. Only downside to them is getting on and off of them. I've ran a 5' Woods pull behind shredder with one of these thru stuff as high as its hood and It handled it quite well.
Mr. Bob
On a ca the belt pulley is behind left axle. it comes right out of the side of the pto unit. If your belt pulley is in front of the right rear wheel then it might be a wd or wd45, other models may have had the pulley there too.
Mr. Bob,

I"m looking at using a Woods 3 pt. finishing mower on my CA at 671 lbs. It has the Cat 1 aftermarket 3 pt. kit. But what i"m concerned about is the lifting capacity of the hydraulics. I"ve looked in the books that I have and found nothing. What"s the weight of your shredder and does it lift without blowing out the cylinder packing?
We have a Woods RM600 it is the same deck as the belly mower L306 it has the gear box for the pto is about the only diferance and we runn it with the CA 3pt with the side waights off a C bolted on it and we dont have any problems with the front being light but the 3pt we have has to have a pto extention and the angel high at the tractor has the pto shaft on the tractor about shot

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