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Hey my name is greg i have a DD-1259 road grader allis chalmers Lookin for a place that would have parts or maybe even a motor
Hello Greg welcome to YT! In case you are not aware
what Stevie is telling you is there is topic section here
covering mainly Allis Chalmers machines. I will place a
link to it incase you are having difficulty finding it or
understanding the layout of these forums. In case the
posting area looks different I am attaching that forum
in ..Classic View.. you will have to choose ..Modern.. at
the upper right across from Author in the gray stripe if
you prefer that. Best of luck!
YT AC topic section
It uses the same Buda 230 engine as a WD45 Diesel tractor. If you cant find a good diesel, you can also easily swap in a similar sized WD45 gas engine, but
you'll lose some torque.
AC used the Buda 230 Diesel in their DD graders from 1954-'58. The 262 was used from 1958-'71.

Of course, a lot of those earlier graders got updated with a later engine over their hard lives!

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