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Anyone know the best fix for a block that has a crack in it? I was told J.B. weld. didnt know if there was anything better that would work. Thanks
JB weld might work but its just a patch that may or may not hold. Best fix of course is to find a good used block to replace the one you have. I have 2 of them here that are good but need to have sleeves etc
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It is on the carb side and its about 8 inches long. It goes just above the block drain in back of the carb.
This B is a 1939 i believe, it has no power anything. willany block work or do you have to have a year that is the same? any idea what this might be worth fixed up?
Vee it out and get some JB weld water putty or what ever brand the have on the shelf where you shop. I bought mine a Walmart in the automotive section. I just bought a new stick there but was another btand. Fantastic stuff. Does not drupe. Just cut off a small amount about an inch at a time. It will get hard in your hand if you do. You can push down in a crack with your thumb.
Years a go I bought a car with a freeze crack like that and it had been patched with Bondo and never leaked in all the time I drove it.
I'm not sure as to what years had the smaller engine but if its not one of those any block from a B/C/CA will fit unless like I said its the smaller engine and even then a complete engine from the others will bolt right up
just got it and it needs to be restored. Was running until the guy left it outside with water in it. pretty good condition but needs paint, tires and rims.
The reason I ask was if it is not running and you have not yet taken the head off you may want to before making a decision about patching the block. Unless you want to be number correct any engine block from a B, C, or CA will work. All the same block except for numbers and the bump on the left side of the CA. All internal parts interchange.
Yes there is a better fix than jb weld but its somewhat expensive .Belzona 111 supermetal its keep heads blocks even radiators from going to the scrap yard. the last i bought was 194.00 but it lasts a while didnt mention my air compressor tank froze and busted smeared it over the spiderweb cracks and she still holds 160 psi.

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