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Anyone know where to look to see if this diesel powered tractor would have a Block Heater?

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Looking at the mid to lower block for an electrical cord or male prongs sticking out of a core plug is one way, it could have a convection flow tank heater with hoses connecting the lower block to a fitting (often in the hosing in the front, or head. The grounded male cord is always a sure indicator. Jim
On the engines Right side I have a round headed item that appears to be into the block. Looks like 2 maybe 3 metal prongs, they are bents for whatever reasons. Might that be the block heater?
From the description, yes. Use a needle nose pliers and bend them like a regular electrical plug. Next measure their resistance to the block, and each other. they should measure less one ohm between the prongs parallel with one another. Open or imfinite ohms to the bolck, and the grounding terminal (third round) should be zero ohms to the block. Jim
Thank you for that great piece of information. I believe I may as well replace that block heater as I don't have a cord for it anyways. Any idea where that old type of part can be found? Thanks Charger70

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