Ford 6.2 gasser


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My son in Alaska is looking for a 34 ton truck and is considering a Ford to pull his toyhauler with. Hes not wanting to go diesel and is wondering if a 6.2 gasser is any good. Do any of you have or know about this engine and truck?
I have a 2012 Ford 3/4 ton with the 6.2.Plenty of power and a 6 speed transmission, gas mileage not great probably because its a 4wd with a 3.83 rear end
The 6.2 - compared to older engines is a beast. In its lowest power form it has 385 HP and 405 ft pd of torque, The last version of the 460 has 245 hp and 400 ft pds of torque and the last version the 7.3 diesel had 275 hp and 500 ft pds of torque.

It is very comparable to the 5.0 for reliability. Given the issues that the 7.3 is having with its roller rockers and other timing parts it would be my first choice of the V8 gas engines.
I have a '11 F-250 with the 6.2 and have pulled my 33' travel trailer over 6500 miles this year. No complaints with its power. 9 to 10 miles per gallon when pulling, still better than my '97 F-250 with the 7.5 (460). That 460 is a horse but thirsty. I have had the '97 since April of 2000 and the '11 since Dec of 2021.
The 6.2 is pretty bulletproof, but it's a bit gutless. I had 4.30 gears on mine and got single digits in winter when towing/plowing. The 7.3L is pretty damn good, the 6.7L is incredibly powerful but risky if you need parts or have a failure. I currently have the 6.7 with the 10 speed and have no issues thus far, 25k miles haul a 5th wheel and 12k tractor without blinking. Plows great too. Mileage is awesome with stock 34s, I was getting 20-22 in summer and 14-18 in winter. Running 37s I was still getting 17-19mpg. I will say that if you have the choice between a 6 speed and a 10, I'd get the 6 speed for reliability. The 10s were hit or miss over nnalert.
I have a 16 super duty with a 6.2 and a n old 96 f350 with with the early powerstroke and 5 speed. 6.2 is stronger

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