JD KBA Disk Questions

Bill VA

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Thinking about a wider disc to scratch some pasture for overseeing, I have a field cultivator, but want something less aggressive and frankly less destructive to the grass. My old MF disk does a nice job, but is only 5ft and is rough and in need of a rebuild or scrap yard trip. We have another disc that is much more aggressive and heavy, but 5ft too.

Saw a JD KBA disc with hydraulic wheel transport, do not know if it was 8 or 10 ft. Reading about them, while designed to go behind a plow, their lighter weight, disc gangs floating independent of the others (if I understand correctly) and ability to be pulled in a turn make me think this disc might be the trick for scratching a pasture to overseed with minimal kill of the existing stand.

What are your thoughts on the KBA?

What model disc were competitors of the KBA and of similar design.


Only main differences between a towed KBA & wheel type KBA is the wheel frame/tires. KBA is a very light duty tandem disk & it can have option of white iron or anti-friction brgs. I'll be surprised if a KBA will penetrate pasture sod very much. I've owned a 6ft drawn KBA for several yrs.
I bought a offset disc for this very purpose, hopefully it will work. It is 8 ft and I think it will take all my 70hp to pull it.

Timmy...... I have all my parts and am ready to put together, still don't know which way the bearing goes together, so I am going to pester the local tractor repair shop.
a disk will not do much in pasture. unless it is new pasture . in the fully deepened position all that will happen it will be hopping from side to side. u could run it at 1/2 deepened so not so much angle on the gangs. but pasture that is established it is a waste of time. what is your existing growing now? back in the 50's they were a pretty top notch disc. i had the whole collection of them KBS's 5' 7' 8' and 10 ft. still have them all except the 5 ft.
Depends entirely on way disk is made. I had a Towner 8 foot drag offset dusk and a 28 Horse JD B could have pulled it but we used the 38 Horse John Deere AR. Heavy wheel carried possibly need that horse power but the lighter offset disks as most were not needing that power.
That KBA wheel carried disk was my favorite followed by the same disk without the wheel carrier. Had 6 blades on a side factory cutting width 7 foot 6 inch and a 7 blade on a side was 8 foot 8 inches. Every extra blade added 1 foot 2 inches to cutting width with the 10 foot size biggest wheel carried but drag type went up to 12 foot size.

JD engineers tape measure didn't exactly agree with your tape measure




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