JI Case Pricing in 1969

Joe Young

I recently found a JI Case Factory Suggested pricing list/binder that was published in late 1969 to launch the 70 series tractors. It has all the tractors and equipment included, and has sections for factory options and dealer/field installed options. I've only spent some time with the 470-570 series sections, but found what I believe are some answers to configuration questions I've had. For example, I don't find any mention of a case-o-matic option for the 570. Case made some 570s with COM for the Air Force, but I don't see that they offer it as an option on the Ag tractors ( I wonder if they would build one if it were special ordered?)

The 38" rear tires introduced with the 70 series were list, but I don't see an option for the single front wheel that was previously available. The dual front (narrow front end) was offered with mechanical and power steering.

The ROPS and canopy was not a factory option. It had to be order separately from the Bettendorf IA facility and installed at the dealer.

I was trying to configure the tractors a number of ways to see the variation in weight and pricing...so I entered all the information and configurations into an Excel-based tool to make it easier. The result is captured in the following screen shots. The primary screen shows the standard equipment for the tractor selected and then all of the factory options. A second section allows for additional dealer installed options (second pic) , a summary of which is then displayed on the first page.

It's interesting that a stripped down 470 spark ignition could be delivered to a dealer with a suggested retail price of about $3000. On the other extreme a loaded up 570 diesel with a ROPS, 38" tires, shuttle transmission, etc. could easily range over $7000 delivered.

If anyone would like a copy of this excel-based tool, you are welcome to a copy. Just send me an email and I will reply to the email with the pricing/configuration tool attached. You will need to have a Microsoft Excel installed on your computer for the tool to work. - Joe [email protected]

Those sheets do not look like the factory sheets I used but I didn't get drafted into the sales department from the farm till 1976. So obviously they must have been updated.
I do know one thing, you have a keeper there!
Below is one from 1940 that I paid a pretty penny for, but always wanted one.
The one to the right was my Dads salesbook. I can remember riding with him in the early 60s where I sat on this book. Hehe


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