john deere 2510 steering motor leak

Have 2510 with steering motor leak. Have rollomatic front end removed and right side (as sitting in drivers seat) frame rail removed.

Planning to replace piston O-rings, piston backup rings, and spindle seal.

For timing purposes, was hoping mark piston depth in bore first before removing retainer and spindle.

Behind frame rail, have the big circle washer removed. Can see plug but it's close against the snap ring. Seems a little too close to get snap ring out.

QUESTION 1: Is it necessary to loosen both hydraulic lines in front of radiator, to relieve hydraulic pressure in steering motor?

QUESTION 2: It looks like it will be a little tight for the plug to clear the horizontal thick sheet metal tank support. Is that ever an issue?

See picture below.

Thank You


This post was edited by Chuck Reynolds on 10/02/2023 at 06:33 pm.
#1 You need to loosen one for sure but both will make it easier.
#2 Never had any problem there.
As for timing, just push pistons to opposite ends and use the timing marks on the spindle and cover. If installed properly, the spindle mark should go from one mark to the other on the cover as the
spindle is turned stop to stop.
1) Thank you.
2) FYI. Confirmed. The piston is prohibited from sliding out as shown in picture.

Have it disassembled as of today.
Much thanks to Tim for the great tips.

Got it back together mid week. It's doing good.

FYI. According to John Deere the bearing is no longer available. Luckily didn't need it.

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