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Hello, I have a John Deere 5300 and the scv s on the back will leak down, within 5 mins a cylinder will leak Down around 5 inches. I put a gauge on a quick connect coupler and the pressure is 2800 psi and immediately drops as soon as I let off the joystick, within 2 minutes pressure is at 500psi and sorta holds better with less pressure. I removed the whole valve assembly and took the two spools out and all the plugs and cleaned, I didn t see anything wrong. The pressure relief valve had some small pieces of metal in it, removed all of it and reassembled the valve and put back on the tractor. No luck still doing it. Any suggestions?

I think there may possibly be more than one valve block used, does yours look like the one in the drawing below?


If so, have a look at the ''load check assembly'', Key #5 (there are two used, side-by-side). Poppet kit part number is RE45952.

If the upper part, a plastic poppet, is damaged or missing a cylinder connected to the remote ports will leak down.

If you have a different valve, have a look at and let us know what valve you may have.
Yes the valve looks like mine, I have the dual valves. I took the two plugs out and there s a spring and a steel slug with a hole in the center that the spring sits in and a small hole drilled on the side that meets the hole in the center.

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I got two new RE45952 kits and put them in, same
results, Im guessing the valve body might be messed up.

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