Kubota 5hp Engine in a European Range Rover Go-Cart


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Hey guys! Haven't posted very much in this forum over the years, as I mostly frequent the Farmall, Ford, and Restoration forums here.

I've gotten a new project (for my neighbor) and will probably need some help along the way and thought this was the most fitting place to post it. It is a go-cart from the 1980's that was bought in Europe and brought over. It has a Kubota 5 hp vertical shaft engine, a 5-speed transmission with reverse, and stereo. It has a fiberglass body to resemble a 1980's Range Rover suv. Any info on this is appreciated and will especially need help with getting the engine going and possibly other components of it. It's a neat little rig! I'll also be making a video(s) to put on my YouTube Channel (Alabama Tractor Pickers) since this is a cool piece. Enjoy.




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