LCG rear tire swap, slope doesn't seem bad at all


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The original subject was LCG rear tire swap, slope doesnt seem bad at all.

Love the 351, had a 532 for about 5 years. Loved it, it didn't love me. It was an old, tired NCDOT tractor that had been rode hard
and put away wet too many times. Always needed fixing and a shot of ether to start and was still a long way from all fixed when
it went down again and I sold it as is because I didn't want to fuss with it anymore. But the fates smiled on me and I just picked up a second owner 1988 2910 LCG with about 1200 hrs that has it's all original everything and runs/operates like a dream. Still has the PTO safety cover (which for some reason has been missing on about all the tractors I've ever had), all the lights work, original canopy/grill/bumper/front nose panel (all in good condition) and original single rear remote. Even still has the factory plastic plugs in the loader mounting holes to keep the dirt out. Which brings me to my question. Would you please remember me if you ever choose to sell the old R3 rear tires and rims from your 531? My 2910 came with 8.5-24 (I think, it's late) R3 rears but I'd really be interested in a set of low profile rear wheels and tires like yours. Thank you and best of luck with your 531. It's a beauty!

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