Lift Cylinder Spring Question TO-30

Just pulled the lift cover off my TO-30 to replace cylinder, piston, O-ring & Washer, and gaskets. What I did was to
remove the two pins holding the two segments of the fork together (the pins that have cotter pins holding them in).
Obviously, this is a different set up from my 2N & 9Ns. As a result, I ripped out the cylinder to fork spring as I
pulled the lift cover up (did not realize I had to disconnect it first). I can clearly see the hole the spring goes
into on the cylinder. Does the other end go into the top hole of the section of the fork that remains inside the
housing, and if so, when I re-install the lift cover, should I try to re-install the spring onto the forks before or
after I reconnect the assembly with the two pins? Which reinstall method is easiest. I just don't want to have to
remove the lift cover a second time to get the spring in correctly. Thanks to all as always, Larry. P.S., the
Ferguson IT shop manual FE-2 is just awful.
See if this pic helps-
Yup, that shows me the right hole. Just so you know, my forks actually have 3 similar holes at the top of the fork,
one to each side of the middle hole. I just wish my forks looked as pretty as yours. Thanks, but still not sure if
it is best to attach the spring before or after I re-attach my lower forks, as that section remains in the tractor
attached to the valve. Not a big issue, I'll figure it out.

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