Mahindra 5146 Draft


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Does a 2023 5145 Mahindra not have draft control? It has the hinged top link but no lever to control it. Only up and down control lever
No one here knows??????????)
Sorry, but I am going to guess not many of us here, on a website primarily for older tractors, are familiar with a 2023 Mahindra.

Did you get this tractor new? If so, the dealer should have given you an Operator's Manual with it. I web searched for Mahindra 5145 Operator's Manual and found a copy you can download right from Mahindra's website. They have a number of manuals available for viewing and downloading. In any case you should get a copy, even if you need to purchase one. The Operator's Manual has info in it about setting and using the three point. Here is a link.

5145 Mahindra Operator's Manual

The manual only seems to give direction on adjusting a common turnbuckle type top link. I am not understanding what a hinged top link is and what it would need for a control lever. You must have an option. It would be something to learn about. How about some pictures of this hinged top link is you are referring to.
Where the top link hooks up to the tractor is hinged like on my M4900 Kubota so when a bottom plow loads up the top link pushes in to control the draft. It only has a position control lever. It doesn’t have a draft control. Wondering if is some sort of automatic draft.

I don’t own the tractor just looking to buy. The widowed lady knows nothing about it. I will locate a dealer and inquire. Thanks for your response. If I get the tractor I will post a photo.

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