My 05 F 150 tires

I am about ready for some new tires on my F 150. Anyone used Hankook tires? The ones I am looking at can go up to 50 lbs. If I ever have to tow my mowing tractor trailer. That should do for short trips. Any thoughts? Stan
Hankook better than most American made junk.
A lot that go into tire selection
In addition to the poly rating look at the load index to get the highest load carrying capacity in a gives range. An informative article

Also proper tire inflation is very important which you can get from a tire loading chart
I just put the Yokohama Geolander A/T's on my 2015 F150. No problems as of yet but I haven't had them on very long. Have gotten nothing but good reviews on them even from a dealer that I didn't buy them from.

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