NH TC35 hydraulic fluid


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Newbury, Ohio
SIL is a tractor newby and bought a TC35 with a loader. He changed fluids recently, said he put 5 gallons in it. He had a log grapple added and it
stopped working while in use so I was working on it for him. The fluid was off the dipstick so I found a new gallon of what said Hydraulic fluid,
store brand made by Warren Oil. The manual calls for G134 which I would think is an update of the Ford M2C134 spec. but I could not find G134
anywhere on the label. I think it's straight hydraulic fluid, not like the trans/hydraulic. I put the gallon in and it brought the level up to
where it should be. Is he risking damage if all the new fluid he put in is the same? I thought the problem with the grapple was electrical but
after repairing the control circuit it still doesn't work. He called the dealer who said they'd had a few failures of the electric/hydraulic valve
recently and it's still under warranty. My question here is about the fluid.
That's too new of a model for me to know much about, but from the parts diagrams, it appears that the trans, rear axle and hydraulics share a common sump, and the rear axle has the inboard wet brakes, and the PTO has a wet clutch, so he needs some sort of fluid with friction modifiers to be compatible with the wet brakes and PTO clutch, or else they can both start slipping. They can also be damaged if the wrong fluid is in there for too long of a time. New Holland Ambra G134 is a later spec that superseded the earlier Ford/New Holland M2C134D spec. New Holland has discontinued the G134 fluid, but there are many third party fluids that say on the label that they meet or exceed that spec. New Holland's replacement is called Ultraction.

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