Paint Advice


I am going to be painting of my Allis C soon and need a little advice on paint, hardener, etc. Here goes:

1945 Allis C - Persian Orange 1 or Persian Orange 2?

What is the best primer to use?

Is acrylic enamel the way to go?

What is the best source to get the paint?

What hardener works best with the paint?

Thanks in advance for your input.
I would use Dupont's or Martin Senour's paint in the acrylic enamel or move up to the single stage
urethane with hardener from PPG's Omni or Martin Senour's Crossfire. Here's a WD45 painted by a man in Ohio using the Crossfire paint with hardener. The tractor was purchased new in 1954 by the original owner and his daughter surprised him by having it painted for him for Christmas. Hal
He's painted the red ones too. He power washes and sandblast's the tractor. He has a forklift to remove and install the wheels. Some have duals on the rear. Hal
PO#1 until 1959.
I've had the best luck sticking with primer,paint,hardener, fisheye dope from one source (DuPont, Sherman Williams,etc) then you are sure the products are compatible. Any auto body supply should be able to fix you up along with some NAPA.
I just painted an Oliver 60 with Crossfire from Napa. Your best bet on paint is to get it all from the same place. Not all hardeners are compatible with all types of paint. Same goes for primer. If you use all same brand and line materials, compatibility won't be an issue. Enamel would be original, but it will fade. Urethane is a little glossier but is supposed to be much more fade resistant. Spend a little more on paint. If you use cheap stuff, down the road you'll be disappointed.

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