Pics with Results-Consignment Sale at El Dorado Springs,


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Yesterday March 27th I attended the 52nd annual consignment auction held by Beatty Implement ...Its located 2 miles west of El Dorado Springs,MO on Hwy 54...It used to be held on Washingtons Birthday but was moved back some for better weather...It was a beautiful day with the temp around 70 degrees...As usual there was a huge crowd there..At one time a few new IH tractors were sold thru there and it was also once a White Farm Equipment dealer...The late Bill Beatty used to buy lots tractors out of central and western Kansas...It was nothing to see two loaded semis sitting there with 4 tractors on each one..Over the years thousands of tractors have gone thru there..

This is my first farming tractor ever...I purchased this 1968 model 856 IH at the Beatty Implement Company Washington's birthday sale in Feb 1974...I remember paying about what it sold for new....It had been a 12,000 lb SS pulling tractor from 1968-70 and I knew the tractor well..It had lots of mods done to it and could turn 190 horses in the field and almost twice that on the pulling track..When it was brand new it had a King Brothers IH pulling kit put on it at Arcola,Illinois....I used that tractor for both farming and pulling from 1974-1985 and it stayed together...With factory 24.5's on the inside and 18.4 duals on the outside it was almost impossible to get it stuck..I got called many times to pull out neighbors stuck tractors and combines...It still had the original TA in 1985 but every once in awhile it wouldnt shift to low.

The 856 in Feb 1974.

This non running 1030 Case sold for $750


This non running M Farmall sold for $450..The engine was free...I was talking to the younger man that bought it and he said that many years ago his Grandpa was the IH dealer at El Dorado Springs..

This running Massey Ferguson 50 tractor sold for $1,800...The bush hog behind it sold for $400....I knew the man that bought it as before I retired we worked together at 3M...

This non running 2N Ford sold for $600

This non running C Farmall sold for $375.

The nice Ford 3930 sold for $7,500


This nice Ford 4600 sold for $4,750

This like new John Deere 4110 with 540 hours sold for $11,500

The restored B John Deere sold for $2,750..It needed some sheet metal and one new rear tire as the tube was showing...I guessed it under $2,000 and was I ever wrong..Standing beside the B is my former neighbor Wayne H whom lived less than 3 miles from me for lots of my life..He was Mr 8N Ford and over the years has owned and rebuilt 100's of them...Lots were basket cases...Last fall he had a sale and moved to town,...He was all alone as his wife had passed...I asked him if he liked living in town and he said it was OK as he no longer had a huge lawn to mow...He is 87 years old and has been to all 52 Beatty sales.

I will be back with 10 more pictures..


The Agco 7600 sold for $7,000

This nice one owner 1988 Ford 6610 with loader sold for $16,250


This FWA Agco 6680 sold for $8,750

The Long 60 sold for $6,500

The 574 IH gas sold for $4,250

The 977 L Cat Track Loader sold for $12,000...The undercarriage was about 50%.

My neighbor just to the south sold his farm grain semi as they are now all cattle..The trailer brought $4,000 and the road tractor $1,700

The John Deere 7000 6 row planter sold for $4,600 which is great for my area.

The GMC dually sold for $5,500...It had a new engine 60,000 miles ago and a new tranny 2 years ago..

The Arts Way 470 bu slide wagon sold for $4,100

I'll be back with 10 more pictures..


This nice New Holland 575 wire baler sold for $7,750

The New Holland TL 100 tractor with loader sold for $22,000...This is looking east towards El Dorado Springs,MO...This is mostly rolling cattle country with a few large grain farms that are spread out.

This nice running F2 Gleaner sold for $1,200..There was no header for it..

The Case-IH 22 ft disk sold for $1,750

The Vermeer rake sold for $3,750..Another one in a little poorer condition sold for $3,000

The Oliver 3 bottom plow sold for $300

The hopper bottom grain trailer sold for $10,000

The John Deere 7000 6 row planter sold for $2,000

The 2000 model Chevy sold for $1,900...It had some rust.

Heres some other prices..

A friend sold 66 used steel fence posts for $3.25 each.
A 24 ft M&W brush hog sold for $3,700..It may have been bigger than that?
New Holland L783 skid steer sold for $10,000
Vermeer Rock Picker sold for $9,000
New Holland 354 Grinder Mixer sold for $3,250
Unverferth 325 bu slide wagon sold for $3,500
End dump trailer for a semi sold for $22,000
276 New Holland baler sold for $1,750

There was tons more than this..It took over 5 hours to sell it all.
Thanks to you and everyone else for all the kind compliments....Its time consuming but its fun to do...Right now I dont have any future sales to attend but maybe another one will show up..

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