Post Hole digger for Case 400

Hello all,

I am thinking about buying a post hole digger for my Case 411.
any guidance you can provide will be much appreciated.

I am new to this so please don't reply with a lot of technical jargon.

Thanks in advance.
Case Eagle Hitch is Category 1 3-point hitch dimensions so any Cat. 1 post hole digger should work.

Back in the day I believe Danhuser contracted them out to case just like the Eagle Hitch Blades.

You will probably want to make some kind of stand to hold the digger when not in use so it is easy to hook up to. This is true for eagle hitch and regular 3 point tractors.
Thanks to the reply

Again because I don't know a thing about this, I have to ask, is Danhuser the only manufacture that will fit the 411?
As I have said before, do your self a favor. Rather than spending money on a PTO PHD , I would buy or rent a skid steer with a front mount PHD. They will dig faster, cleaner, straighter, they have down pressure in hard ground, reverse if you hit a rock, the work is right in front of you, they lift higher if you need to dig a deep hole and you can adjust the plumbness of the hole on the go. They are far far superior to PTO PHD. If you dont believe me try a PTO PHD and then a skid steer PHD.
I think that is a good point. Does he have a 411 or a 411B? If it is the older 411, the factory center link attachment covers the PTO. It is possible to fabricate a center link attachment that doesn't cover the PTO, unfortunately I can not find the picture of the one I fabricated for my 801B. I have posted the picture a few times in the past, and I have seen a few other post that others have mad with more craftsmanship than I.
the top link on 411 should have another location for top link but 1 must be sure it dont hit hydraulic levers when lowered. the link is above top of hyd box,you remove the lower top link bracket to expose pto. unless somebody broke or removed the top bracket
I don't think most will work correctly on a 400 because the top link is over the pto. At the least you would have to modify the post hole digger to work. That's not hard for things like brush mowers and such, but don't know how that would work with the post digger. Danhauser did make one, but finding one will be tough.
Thanks for the information!!!

Will you please explain the in more detail why the post hole auger will not work.
If you had pictures that would be even better

If not, I understand.
Thanks for the reply

I know NOTHING about Post Hole Diggers, so I will believe you that the PTO type is less user friendly then the skid steer.
I will look into the two.

My only hesitation with not owning a PTO style for my 400 is if I have to rent, it would be far less convenient.

Again THANK YOU very much
Thanks for the reply

I hope I don't make myself look any dumber than I already appear.

Maybe this is a good thing, I don't know......... but....... here goes.

I haven't even installed the eagle hitch assembly that I purchased late last fall.
maybe that is a good thing if I need to modify something.

I will try to attach a photo

You are not making yourself look dumber. You are asking some very good questions. After looking at your picture, I dont see any lift arms. I do see the top link but as others have said, the PHD top link would have to be modified. IMHO by the time you got a PHD, modified it, find the lift arms, reattach the lift arms, heat, weld, pound, bust your knuckles, and cus, it would be more convenient to rent a skid steer with a front mount PHD. BTW did I mention the skid steer PHDs are much safer! There is no PTO shaft to worry about among other things.
Thank you very much for the help!!!

I have a lot to think about

I will be a lot more knowledgeable when I am through with this project
The problem with a post hole digger on this tractor is the geometry is not right no matter which hookup you use, so you will have to alter the digger in this case. The origin 3rd link bracket is a casting that cover the pto and works well with things like back blades if you have an original 3rd link or a short aftermarket one. You can also modify things like back blades and brush mowers by rasing the 3rd link hookup to be taller so it matches the upper hookup you see in your pics above the pto housing. The problem with post hole diggers is the 3rd link is part of the frame and so I'm not sure how you would modify it to work here. You could likely modify the lower hook to attach to the eagle hitch arms similar to a farmall 2 point hookup. But that would take some fabricating skill.
Thanks so much for the help.

Do you by any chance have a photo you would be willing to share?

I can't picture exactly what you are talking about.

That being said I BELIEVE YOU :)

Thanks again

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